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Hey guys.


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Mod note & a few reminders!!

★ Don't forget that you are allowed to make posts whenever you want to! I feel like I'm the only person that makes posts and I don't want people to assume that they're not allowed to make posts of their own. Everything doesn't have to be a big huge discussion post. See a picture of Adam you want to flail over? That's fine! Everything doesn't have to be shipping related! Want to discuss fic? Want to talk about any random guy you happen to ship Adam with? Make a post!   I'm sure there's someone out there who will talk to you about it!  A lot of people have mentioned to me that they are surprised this comm is so quiet since we have almost 1,000 members and so many people enjoy talking about Adam and other guys, but there's really nothing else I can think of doing except encouraging everyone to post and get involved!

★ Don't forget about our Fic Recommendation Post that's linked on the front page. I still go in from time to time to add recent fics I've read that I really enjoyed, so take a moment and add a few of your own or update your list!

★ Also it would appear that our Around the World Fic Meme is a little dead in the water. We got an Adam/LOTR crossover fill for New Zealand & an amazeballs Adam/Shakespeare sonnet fill for England, but that post needs some more action! Make it happen, guys! I know we have some amazing writers in this comm!

★ The 101 Places to Fornicate Fic Meme seems to have run its course, but take a moment to check it out again to make sure there's nothing you missed out on and feel free to continue prompting and filling!

★ The Drabble Meme is also still open. There are really some amazing prompts that were left unfilled if you'd like to take another look at them and consider filling some more! You are also welcome to leave random unprompted drabbles in that post.

★ Any other comments, questions, suggestions? Let me know!
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